How to deal with Rats in Pest Control

Rats are a very common pest in the cities and urban centers. I think that dealing with a rat or rats depends on what situation we are dealing with as pest control people. There are many ways of dealing with rat infestation but I like to do this. In dealing with a rat infestation, one effective tip that you can make use of is upsetting the habitat of rodents inside your house. When my cousins house in Toronto got infested by rats she went to the yellow pages and got a  pest control expert to do the job. This is one of the basic steps in general pest control. You can do this by detecting the location of their burrows and putting sharp objects to block their walkway. The classic rat traps are still effective but you must find one that is durable and can easily detect if a rat is inside the cage. Most low-end box traps have low sensitivity, making it easier for rats to cleverly ignore the presence of the bait. There are many things to keep in mind when dealing with rats in your home but the first thing to do is to keep your family’s safety in mind. There is a specific type of pesticide used for controlling rodents, but needs to be used with much prudence especially with the presence of children at home. Toronto animal control experts really know what they are doing to get rid of small animals and rats.

2 thoughts on “How to deal with Rats in Pest Control

  1. Gerry Weitz

    Actually I take the other approach by not upsetting their environment until I have caught them all. I want my traps to be seamlessly placed in their environment. Only after elliminating the infestation will I go to rodent exclusion mode. I am also very actively involved in total cleanup and renovation from rat and mice contamination. There is a lot of good work in this arena and few pest control companies do it.

  2. Gerry Weitz

    I don’t understand your post. You mention “a specific type of pesticide” but don’t even discuss the class of pesticides to which you are referring. Can you explain further?

    We in the pest control field are sometimes exceptionally good at solving rat problems, but we can’t convince people by simply saying “experts really know what they are doing.”

    I’d love to exchange new ideas about what is happening in this field.




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