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Mice and Pest Control

Having mice in your home is a very common problem these days. Every house in the city has a mouse here or there. Some people find mice disgusting and don’t like them. I don’t mind them but they can carry disease and be damaging to your health especially if you have small children. If you do have a mouse problem in your house and you live in Toronto it is very important that you contact a pest control Toronto company. Continue reading

How to deal with Rats in Pest Control

Rats are a very common pest in the cities and urban centers. I think that dealing with a rat or rats depends on what situation we are dealing with as pest control people. There are many ways of dealing with rat infestation but I like to do this. In dealing with a rat infestation, one effective tip that you can make use of is upsetting the habitat of rodents inside your house. When my cousins house in Toronto got infested by rats she went to the yellow pages and got a  pest control expert to do the job. Continue reading

Pest Control is Difficult

The biggest difficulty I find after being in the profession for almost a decade now is the fact that every job is almost different. In every job there are different degrees of infestation different pests and different clients. When it comes to Toronto pests it is important to know how to find someone who knows what they are doing. One of the toughest kinds of pest control is spraying or dusting especially that has to do with bed bugs. Being a Bed bug exterminator Toronto is indeed challenging for me. Continue reading