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What Does Pest Control Mean

Pests are those critters that are considered to be nuances or even dangerous to humans. In general every organism that can be disruptive to everyday human activities can be considered to be a pest. There are many types and kinds of pests both animals and insects. Overall pest control has to do with the control of these animals and insects that interfere with our day to day activities. Every city has its own pest control industry and every industry deals with the specific pests that dwell there. For instance in Toronto pest control expert will deal with specific animals and pests in Toronto. Continue reading

How do you select the right pest control person

I hear this question all the time. People ask me why I am better than my competitors and things like that. It is not difficult to select the right pest control pest management company to do the job for you all you need to do is follow a few steps. When it comes to selecting an exterminator there are a few things you need to do and keep in mind. Based on my experience it all depends on the city you live in. It is not advised that you get someone from another city to do the pest control for you. If you live in Toronto and you need a pest removed contact a pest control services expert. Continue reading

One more day at work in Pest control

I have been working in the field of pest control for a few years now and I a like it. I have been in many difficult circumstances and dealt with many nasty pests but nothing like I saw the other day. I came across the biggest rat infestation ever. I didn’t have my camera with me to take a photo but my friend and colleague did. Bob took a picture of the actual rats running around in the warehouse. It was bad. He said that he will send the picture and I can put it on my blog. Once I get it I will find a way to put the picture of the rats on here. Anyway, after that i was even thinking of taking my pest control company to the next level. I am not sure how yet but i will write about it when i do.